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Leandro Herrero

The Flipping Point

A flipping point in the trend for adopting absurd management ideas needs to be reached. Management needs deprogramming. This book of 200, tweet-sized, vignettes, looks at the other side of things - flipping the coin. It asks us to use more rigour and critical thinking in how we use assumptions and management practices that were created many years ago.
Our real and present danger is not a future of robots and AI, but of current established BS. In this book, you are invited to the Mother of All Call Outs!

Change Management is dead. It needs a funeral not a function

The term has become so overused that it is meaningless. Change management often stands for ‘making stuff happen’. IT people hijacked it a long time ago and it means implementation. Managers of change use it and it often means 8 meaningless steps that cannot be implemented sequentially in real life. Technology implementation people use it but it means anything that is not the technology side. With such levels of accuracy, I prefer not to treat my house move as change management. Or, I will never move, or it will cost me 10 times more, or the expensive Russian porcelain will be broken.
- The Flipping Point

Benchmarking is a race against somebody who has already won.

Benchmarking was invented when one could actually stop time. I remember the times of thick binders and benchmarking subscriptions. I never understood the point, but it was a requirement by executives who wanted to look rational.
- The Flipping Point
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Leandro Herrero

Leandro Herrero is the CEO of The Chalfont Project, an international firm of organizational architects, and the designer of its products and services in the areas of large scale, behavioural change (Viral Change™), collective leadership and smart organizational designs. He has written several books in these areas and also, if lured into it, is an international speaker on organizational culture and leadership topics.

The best Employee Engagement Survey has only one question: Why are you still here?

They are called ‘Stay Interviews’ and I have no idea why they have not become popular. It’s one of the greatest management ideas I have ever seen. Exit interviews are overrated.

Other Books

Drawing on his behavioural sciences background and acute observations from his extensive body of work as an Organizational Architect, Leandro Herrero, consultant, author and international speaker, seeds this thinking in his Daily Thoughts blog and in his other books.

Other Books

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